2021-04-19T12:49:13-07:00April 15th, 2021|Parenthood|

My late game

I try not to be too hard on myself
as a parent,
to let the gnaw
of regret near my heart
or assume that everyone else
has it figured out

but if I hired a parenting coach
they would undoubtedly
encourage me to practice
“my late game”

for it is here where I am vanquished
where I trip up
where I lose my cool

like today when my daughter
said she needed a few minutes
because Piggy had sprained his ankle
and she needed to wrap it up

I could have answered in many ways
but I was late
and before I could do the breathing thing
or the counting thing
or the kind mom voice thing,
I yelled right in Piggy’s scruffy little face

“stuffed animals don’t have ligaments”

which made us all cry
even Piggy
who only felt better
after I let him sit
right on the steering wheel
as I drove the side streets
to make up time.

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