2021-04-05T14:55:06-07:00March 30th, 2021|Parenthood|

Just to be alone

You want me to be near you all the time
as though I am a warm blanket
that makes you snacks.

You want to be near me when I’m working
or reading or having a pee.

You want me to listen to your dreams
and see all your drawings
and watch you make up dances

as though me witnessing you
is the punctuation that makes
the scenes of your life complete.

Do you see me escaping sometimes
slipping away
pretending to take calls
just to be alone?

And when the earth tilts one day
and you are just a few years older
escaping me
slipping away

when you take another call
will I watch your back
and wonder
for the first time
if you are beginning
to pretend
the same way.

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