2020-08-17T13:57:32-07:00August 11th, 2020|Parenthood|

Gangnam Style

When you are all grown up,
will you remember
how we danced to Gangnam Style
every night that summer
in the kitchen.

The routine we made up
from one wall to the next,
laughing each time you crashed
into the dishwasher.

How you always wanted
to play the song twice
and I would say no
but dance with you
when you played it anyways.

I lay with you in your bed tonight
as you fall asleep on my arm
and I wonder if you need it like I do,
the volume so loud
it fills the cracks
where worries grow,

and the ridiculousness of that song
like a suction
removing the space between us,
as though we have bounced back in time
to those ripe and wondrous nine months
when we were one.

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