2022-04-29T09:17:04-07:00June 9th, 2020|Parenthood|

A poem about a tampon

I feel I should warn you
that this is a poem about a tampon

and a mother who asked for some privacy
from the other side of the bathroom door

but then her son asked if he could see
what all this menstrual stuff was about
and time hung in a thick moment
while the mother explored at least forty thousand
possible solutions to this dilemma
like cards in a deck

and ended up choosing the one
that spoke in her own voice

sure, if you want, but it’s kind of bloody

in weirdly chipper way
but she was nervous, after all,
and didn’t want him growing up
thinking something so natural was gross

so it happened
right there
that morning
this poem about a tampon
and all her son said was

it sort of looks like a half-eaten hot dog

and then they laughed so hard
the mother knew
she had chosen
the right card.

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