2020-04-27T20:56:38-07:00May 6th, 2020|Parenthood|

Playing with dolls

There are some mothers
I am told
who can play dolls
with their child for hours

I have tried
but I either fall asleep
get distracted
or compulsively try to groom my daughter
like a chimp

so we have agreed on a playdate
with me, her and her dolls
once a day
for about twenty minutes

which she takes very seriously
and I can hear her briefing them beforehand

Emma, you’re going to get sick
and my mom is going to fix you
okay Emma, remember that

and I only sometimes want to cry
after I leave
when I hear her announce
in a soothing voice

it’s okay, everybody
she just has so much to do
but she promises to come back tomorrow.

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