2020-04-27T20:50:36-07:00May 2nd, 2020|Parenthood|

The problem with word problems

First it was Jimmy
who built six sandcastles
but then four got washed away

and then poor Lucy
who had twelve balloons
on her birthday, we can only assume,
until eight of them popped

Baker Jane really did us in the other day
when her fridge stopped working
on a Saturday, they tell us, which doesn’t even relate to the problem
but makes it feel more real
anyways, she had seven sticks of butter
but three sticks melted
so that ruined Saturday, obviously

I’m sure the teachers have good intentions
but my daughter can’t focus on the math
when there are so many moments to grieve

the addition part is easy
but I beg of you
does subtraction have to bring
such sorrow.

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