2020-04-15T13:06:42-07:00April 19th, 2020|Parenthood|

The day you met your endorphins

You went for a run for the first time today
not running around
but a real run with your dad

you described to him the whole second season of
A Series of Unfortunate Events
catching your wind between episodes

and you actually wanted to run up the hill
which I still can’t believe
but all of this I only heard about

what I saw was when you got back
and you raced upstairs to me
as I was reading to your sister in the bath

mama mama

you try to explain the feeling
but you decide instead to meditate
by the door of the bathroom
which you’ve never done in your life
and when you are done you announce
that you are going to try to be nice
to everyone for the rest of your life

and then you put your socks back on
to run five more times around the block
as fast as you can
to try to catch
that feeling

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