2020-04-07T00:20:23-07:00April 1st, 2020|Parenthood|

Memories of grocery shopping

I grocery shop alone now, of course
no point in sharing the risk

I know people who hate grocery shopping
but I’ve always loved it
a quiet little holiday from the complexity of life

but lately I have been missing my daughter
who sometimes joined me after much begging

the way she always makes me buy too many apples
because she doesn’t want to hurt
the other ones feelings

how we always share a walnut bun as we shop

and how she asks the best questions
of items on shelves
like that one time when I picked up a dish soap
that was described as having a fresh air scent

why don’t we just open the windows, mama

which made me laugh long after we got home
as I tried to find a bowl big enough for so many apples.

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