2020-04-06T20:26:08-07:00March 16th, 2020|Parenthood|

The bath

I often trap my children in the bath
before a big conversation
partly so they don’t wander off
but it’s also the smooth whiteness of the bathtub
like a clean sheet of paper
I can feel my thoughts exhale
into words

so it’s here in the big tub at the cabin
where I dig a deeper trench into their hearts
and fill it with the sorrows of the world

because I need them to understand
why they can’t run over to the neighbour boys
I need them to understand what it means
that the neighbour’s grandma only has half a lung

and after I am done
I look at their wet flushed little faces
like overgrown newborns
and I ask them if they can tell me
one new thing they know
which is when my daughter puts up her hand

farts in a bath smell way worse

and it makes us all laugh so hard
anyone who walked in then
would have seen how badly
we needed it.

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