2021-11-17T14:26:30-08:00February 10th, 2020|Parenthood|


She was given a dress
that isn’t very old
but it is long
and has a lace collar.

She wore it all day yesterday,
slept in it,
and has it on today too,
walking slowly around the house
glassy-eyed and with her head tilted to the side,
talking in an English accent to no one.

How do I be even more old-fashioned, mama?

she asks me
and I realize instantly
it is the ideal moment
to introduce her to things like mopping.

But instead
I fix one of the seven plastic butterfly barrettes
she has carefully clipped to her braid
and I say in my best Mary Poppins voice,

Pish-posh, you silly goose,
if you don’t hop in the carriage now
we’ll be awfully late for school.

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