2020-01-26T14:29:17-08:00January 26th, 2020|Parenthood|


When you’re grown up
and you’re busy weaving
stories into your own big life

the two of you probably
living on other sides
of this unpredictable world

will you remember
the backseat fights
or how she never wanted your hugs
when you wanted to give them

or will you remember this day
how she lost her front tooth
the one she’d been wishing would fall out
every night for a year

and after showing me proudly
her face suddenly fell
and she begged to put it back in

she told me about the movie you’re making
with her in such a big role
how you shot half the scene yesterday
the rest to shoot today
and she said to me
with such loyal despair

oh mama, continuity.

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