2020-01-19T14:48:12-08:00January 19th, 2020|Parenthood|

The long route

We don’t talk about it
before or after
but when it’s just me and her in the car
I turn on Jessie Farrell
I reach one hand back for hers
and we sing as loud as we can

I did this yesterday
on the way to her playdate
and I don’t think
she saw me cry

the warmth of her little hand
and the wretched
fleetingness of it all

she doesn’t yet know
her way around the city
to know that I always drive
the long route
when it’s just us in the car
but as I circled the block over and over
she said

Hazy sure lives a long way away

then she squeezed my hand
and we sang even louder.

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