2020-03-30T20:26:09-07:00January 8th, 2020|Parenthood|

The floor is lava

Dinner is ready
and we are waiting
but she is slow to get downstairs

because the floor is lava

normally I go along
and carry her dramatically
across carpets
that it is very lucky
that I have lava-proof

but tonight
I just want it all faster
and easier

as she places the tea towels
and grocery store flyers
methodically across the last stair
so she can safely
step down

she holds out her arms to me
so I can carry her
to her chair

I crack my knuckles
and my back

come on, muppet
the floor’s not really lava

she stops
and drops her hands to hold the cat tail
that is really just a long-sleeve t-shirt
tucked inside her underwear

she looks at me
confused for a moment
and then leans over
careful not to touch the floor
and whispers

mama, did you forget
how to play?

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