2020-03-30T20:26:28-07:00January 7th, 2020|Parenthood|


Yesterday was one of those
days when our bodies
resisted their skin
and our words hunted
and left marks

so it was his idea
to cover the alarm clock
with a piece of paper
that says


and after they fell asleep
I taped up a few more
the bathroom mirror
their closet
the front door

I realize now they will want
to keep them there
for months
and I can already hear
my friends after a dinner party
call me Tony Robbins
even though secretly I wish
I was Ricky Gervais

but as he yells us
through a countdown to
as they drive away this morning
their happy faces open
and fragile
as plates

I know it was wise
the little reminders
to revel
in the gift
of waking up at all

I think about the stampede
I read about this morning
in Iran
at the funeral

so many dead
yelling to God

I wonder
were we yelling
at the same time

I wonder
would taped up reminders
have made a difference.

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