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Second day

We talked about it
all summer
and we walked by
the daycare often
slowing down to show you
the slide and the apple tree

we made our voices all bouncy
and told you how fun it would be

and then at night we read the books
about llamas and raccoons
going to school for the first time
and how they cry sometimes
but then the mamas
always come back

we let you pick out
new boots and we gave you
your brother’s old lunchbox

and the morning of your first day
we hugged you so long
you squirmed out from under us

you were quiet
but played with the toys
as the kids ran
around you

and when you told me at dinner
about your new friend Dominic
I added it to the invisible column
of things that went well

but the next morning
when you asked me
what car we’d take today
and I reminded you
that your new daycare
is just at the end of our block

you looked at me
confident and calm

but mama I already went

and I realized
we never mentioned
you would go every day

so that after all the books
and that long hug
you must have thought

what a peculiar fuss.

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