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The balloon

You should have been asleep
an hour ago
but you were hungry
and then thirsty

and you kept playing
with the balloon
you got at the party

putting my sunglasses on it
and my hat
and dad’s headphones
which did make me laugh

and now you insist
you’ll only sleep
if balloon
goes to sleep too

so you make a bed for it
on the floor
out of towels
which keep falling off

and at first
I play along
tucking balloon in
and kissing
his blue head

but the seventh time
you tell me
the covers
on top of balloon
aren’t working

I yell
it’s just a stupid balloon

and I know
right away
the night
has won

so when an hour later
your tears now dry
balloon cuddled between us
in your bed
you ask me to tell you both
another story

I kiss balloon again
and whisper

this one’s for you.

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