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Nursing Darth Vader

You’ve taken your clothes off
and you’re sitting down
on the dining room floor,
your belly round and relaxed
and your little legs bruised
from the weekend’s impatient explorations.

I’m making dinner
and I can hear you singing quietly
in the other room,

Sleeping bunnies
oh, so still.

I tell you dinner’s ready
and you come around the corner
with a small figurine
pressed to your chest.

No yet,
I giving milk,

you explain
in a loud whisper
and I see that you’re pretending
to nurse your brother’s
Darth Vader toy.

I wonder if you heard
your dad and me talking yesterday
after we watched that movie
about how heartbreaking
it is to remember
that the worst of us all
were babies once,

little faces looking up
expecting kindness each time
even when the kindness
never comes.

So as you make
drinking sounds for Darth,
I turn the heat down on the stove
and I kiss your head.

Take your time,
he needs it

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