2015-05-17T13:54:12-07:00May 17th, 2015|Parenthood|

A conversation without words

She shrieks every time
like a little joy grenade
bringing the cup back to me
so I can fill it with water
and she can dump it
in the garden again

it’s a conversation
without words
making me feel
like I have won something
when she says wawa
and I guess right

I tell her to try
pouring water on other plants

she looks at me
for a long moment
then dumps it again
in the same spot

I watch amused
as the earth grows swampier
in that corner

I am calmed
by the simplicity
of her delight

and then she says
duh duh duh
so I remind her
that daddy is away

but she shakes her head
duh duh duh

so I point to the door
and then a dog in a book
and sweat a little
until I guess right


when I bring it down
from the bathtub
she places it carefully
in that flooded puddle of soil

she says with a huge smile
making my heart bruise
with the realization
that when I saw monotony
and called it sweet
she was actually building
her duck
a pool.

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