2015-01-08T22:59:34-08:00January 8th, 2015|Parenthood|

The day you don’t ask me

I wonder what the day will be like
when you don’t ask me
to kiss your hands
before I leave
and then try to pull them
off your cheeks
pretending they’ve been stuck
with glue

or when we don’t do
our hand signals
for I love you
through the window

or three jumps in a row
popping in and out of sight

will you forget to ask me
to do the waltz
on my own
singing I Could Have Danced All Night
from My Fair Lady

or will you remember
but quietly decide
to spare yourself
the spectacle

how long will it last
that soft ache
of saying nothing
both of us knowing
these things have come
to an end.

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