2014-09-15T21:19:09-07:00September 15th, 2014|Parenthood|

Working from home

I have a meeting with a graphic designer
who I also consider a friend

but still

I text her to say I’m running late
and she should come right in
and then it occurs to me
that she might hear the hum
of my breast pump
from downstairs

so I text her to tell her
what I’m up to

I add a lot of exclamation marks
to make it seem funny
or at least less awkward

but when I read it over
it appears as frenetic
as I feel

then the baby wakes up early
so we try to make her happy
by letting her chew
the graphic designer’s pen
while we try to unpack a conversation
out of a knot
of interruptions

I make her a cup of tea
which she can’t drink
because the baby
is in a lunging phase

but I use words like
and we stuff budgets
into the quiet
between the crying

so I feel it’s gone well
and I’m silently pleased that I remembered
the meeting at all

and then she says
in the kindest voice

I think you have a black bean
on your collarbone

and of course I do
which I pick off
and only later
do I wonder what she thought
when I ate it.

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