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Some kind of rapture

We walk around the lake
and you are grumpy
because that boy at the playground
told you Let it Go
was a stupid song
and when you told him
he was a bad person
he said he could punch you
if he wanted to

and I am grumpy too
because I’ve been trying
to get your sister to sleep
in the stroller for two hours
and I don’t want to carry her
because of the kink in my neck

which is when we see her
dressed in black
on a bench
her music stand set up
beside the path
her cello
between her legs

I ask her
if she’ll play us something
and she’s shy so I can’t hear
what she says

but the music comes
rich and throaty
and sad like what I imagine
an oak tree would sound like
if it mourned

she finishes
and tells me
that was St. James Infirmary

I tell her
she should record it
because it put my daughter
to sleep and parents
would pay a lot for that

and you have been quiet
the whole time
in some kind of rapture
so I ask

what did you think, lovebug

wondering if we will buy
a cello today or tomorrow

and then you answer
your face still bright
with reverence

I love her rainbow socks.

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