2014-08-27T01:24:17-07:00August 27th, 2014|Parenthood|

So many parts

What is impressive
about parenting
is that we operate
as if it is normal
to be shattered
into so many parts

to find our brains
turned from pilots
into armies


the troops yell
and we run around
invading ourselves

so that if you unzipped
us in any random moment
you would find

a part writing a proposal
wearing linen and heels

a part wondering
if anyone will notice
if the food at the party
is made by someone else

a part arranging a playdate
while on hold
with a store
who you blame
for more than they deserve

and a part that hears
the baby poo
in another room
so you send the proposal
and bring the phone with you
where you find her
a quiet look on her face
and you can’t explain why
but you reach into her mouth
and pull out a piece of wood
just the right size
to be awful

and the man at the store
comes back on the phone to tell you
there is nothing he can do

you wonder if he has ever
saved a life
and you think

he probably has.

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