2014-03-08T00:18:02-08:00March 8th, 2014|Parenthood|

Things you’re glad your kid says to you in the privacy of your home

We walk up the stairs
and I feel tired already
by the game of hide-and-seek
that you will ask me to play
before we brush your teeth

and though I usually love
making up stories
in the cave of your bed quilt
about the witch named Gaggle
and her owl that flies to the moon

tonight I wonder
what it would be like
if we were the kind of parents
who kissed foreheads
and left

so I suppose
you read the weariness
of my slump

or maybe it was because
your dad just got back
from his trip

but you announce
in a straightforward way

mom isn’t very good in bed

which we both agreed later on
after a particularly good story
where the owl shows mercy
to the mice on the moon
that I am quite good in bed after all.

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