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The riverbank

We walk along the river whistling
which we do to lure Philomena the fish
though you can’t whistle
so you yell yoohoo

and you ask me again
if she knows we’re coming
which I confirm
though of course
all of it was to get you
to swimming lessons this morning

which makes your dad wonder
out loud again
at my deception
which I tell myself is magical
but I know it’s also
my only way through the glue
of your moods

but here we are in the end
on a quiet path
that smells of trees and snow
and we are holding hands
waiting for a fish

and you ask me
if Philomena has a lot of money
or just a little

so I try to remember
what I must have said
some added detail
to get your socks on
or to eat the last bite

the riverbank, mama
you say slowly
where the fish put their money

and at that moment
for a collision of reasons
my chest aches
and  I squeeze your little hand

oh yes, my goose
she is very, very rich.

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