2014-01-12T15:33:43-08:00January 12th, 2014|Parenthood|

A good lesson about smothering

It only took a few minutes
we were in the same room
divided by the couch
I was making lunch
and couldn’t see you
but I heard you humming

when I walked over
at first I couldn’t see your sister
wondered if I’d left her upstairs
but then I saw them move

a mound of tea towels

I checked that she was breathing
and then demanded to know
what you were doing
to which you explained
about the pancake party

I tried to enunciate
the part about what did pancakes
have to do with tea towels

which made you get that patient face
where you wonder how
you got a mom so slow

they’re Band-Aids
it’s a theme party

I must have looked mad
because you looked guilty
and I felt better that at least
we’d logged a good lesson
about smothering

until you said softly

sorry mama
that we didn’t
invite you.

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