2013-12-27T12:16:05-08:00December 27th, 2013|Parenthood|

Part bear

I’m up with her all night
she doesn’t cry
as long as my eyes are open
like some deranged game

and each time I vow I will win
sleep through her cries
I cannot bear it
and I realize she has recruited
my own heart against me

I beg her
and when she stares back at me
I beg God

though none of it will help
for I know I am being punished
having insulted fate
and the lineage of mothers
by saying
just the other day

oh she’s a great little sleeper

and so when her brother climbed in
as the day began to dust
the night with chalk

I convinced their dad to take her
and didn’t feel guilty at all
as my son lay next to me
when I lied
about being part bear
or when I said nothing
when he asked me
if I got woken up
might I bite.

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