2013-12-21T20:02:21-08:00December 21st, 2013|Parenthood|

Brown sugar

We met in the park
old friends and husbands
kids in snowsuits
hot chocolate
one dog

the perfect kind of day
when you take group photos
when you pray no kid falls through the ice
when somebody brings a sled
and the husbands take turns
pulling the kids around

and I am catching up
asking questions like claws
trying to dig fast
to feel I know these women better
before we all have to go

which is why I didn’t quite hear
my son when he told me
a hundred times

mama, I’m eating the ice cream
with brown sugar on top

and then later
at our Christmas party
with take-out Indian food
I remember that he had been eating snow
that the ice cream was the snow
and the brown sugar
and the dog

oh god

so I wash out his mouth
and later that night
we have a bath
not that it will help
but he sings silly verses of London Bridge
about building it up with cashews
and giant bums

and I wonder if I will remember
how much we used to laugh in the bath
or what my son ate that day
and how he tried
so hard to tell me.

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