2013-12-17T21:10:11-08:00December 17th, 2013|Parenthood|

Little gifts

They said it would be selfless
and it mostly is

giving and waking up
and giving again

but tonight
it wasn’t that I was too tired to give
I just wanted to give it all
to me

little gifts
like reading
eating slowly
putting moisturizer
on my legs

and tonight
you gave back

you played on your own
in the hallway by the bathroom
for almost an hour
pretending my hot rollers
were passengers waiting
to get into dad’s slippers
the sky train that would take them
to places like Los Angeles
and New Westminster

your sister
sick ever since you licked her
lay as quiet as she was
inside me

I thanked you
for being so good
and you told me
what I always tell you

that you love me
to the moon and back.

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