2013-12-14T21:36:01-08:00December 14th, 2013|Parenthood|

The heart clock

I should have known
you were getting a cold
when you burst into tears
because you couldn’t erase
the ape you drew in pen

and then later
you yelled at me
for not knowing all the words
to the Three Little Pigs

by the time
your nose started leaking
you were inconsolable
about your bridge made of pillows
though I never did make out
what had gone so wrong

I took you to bed early
trying to nurse your sister
while rubbing your back
my neck arched like duck

I thought you were asleep
and then you asked
if you could put your head on my belly

you lay like that for a while
and then said

mama, you have a heart clock
in your belly
that counts
how old you are

I thought about whether
that could be true
and then you said

you’re very old
but I still love you

I laughed
for the first time today
which woke your sister up
but you were already asleep.

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