2013-06-15T21:20:28-07:00June 15th, 2013|Parenthood|


I have forgotten what it feels like
to be so sure

like how you tell me
that zebras like figs
but only for breakfast

and how you will be
one of these zebras
when you grow up

or how one stick can be your granny
but when I pick another stick
and suggest it could be your aunt
you look at me
with pity

these days I am always
asking you questions
just to watch your face
as you sort the possibilities
and announce the winner

but when the ambulance drove past us
and I did my quick ritual
that I always do
to ward off grief

you dropped a rare question
into the air

mama, why do the sirens
take them away

and I thought later how easy
it should have been to answer
if not for my shadow of fear.

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