2013-02-16T21:41:16-08:00February 16th, 2013|Parenthood|

Ganesh and the dryer ball

I am upstairs alone
binging on emails
listening to the quiet
waiting for the call

mama come see

which I can never refuse
because when I arrive
you are always standing
your mouth wide open
cueing me that I am
about to experience awe

this time it’s your treasures
lined up perfectly
a motley train
inside the bathroom door

a skateboarder with a melted face
a small stone
a dryer ball
a Lego boy you call guy
and a small deity of Ganesh
sitting at the end
in a red caboose

I mention that Ganesh
is known to remove obstacles
so it might make sense
for him to ride in front
to which you reply

caboose always at the back mama

then you give me the dryer ball
your favourite
in a tender moment
of pity.

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