2013-01-15T00:00:54-08:00January 15th, 2013|Parenthood|

The lady who stayed up all night scattering mints

Woke up to snow
which didn’t trigger thoughts
of how pretty or cold
but an urgency to see it
with the scrubbed eyes of a child
who’s never seen snow at all

does he think the stars dropped
from the sky
smashing on the grass
in a million sparkly pieces

or that the streets
hatched a bed of flowers
thick and white

or maybe a nice lady
stayed up all night
scattering mints
on lawn chairs and twigs

my son didn’t ask
if the snow stole colour for good
or how it stacks
like a circus trick
three inches high on a leaf

he just asked for his boots
and walked outside
looking backwards the whole time
as the footsteps
he left behind.

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