2013-01-04T15:55:09-08:00January 4th, 2013|Parenthood|

How about that one instead

I thought I would worry
that I wasn’t teaching you enough
but they didn’t tell me
your brain was like Velcro
grabbing any old thing
deciding it’s a treasure
like the saying

how about that one instead

which you say now
every time I ask you a question

and I forget that you must pick through
the vast landfill of stuff
your brain brings home

I don’t think to congratulate you
for remembering that an avocado
has skin and a books a spine

it’s only when you complain
that there were no actual polar bears
at the polar bear swim

or today at breakfast
when we talked about how your auntie
is having a baby girl
and you agreed
how exciting
one baby
one girl

it’s these rare moments
when you place a shiny fact
in the wrong bin

and we say
how cute

when what we should be doing
is bowing at the rest of your library
stacks and stacks
labeled and organized
in such a short time.

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