2012-10-20T11:20:28-07:00October 20th, 2012|Parenthood|

I have been away for a while

You only eat raspberries
if I put them on your train
which you pull once around the living room chair
before they pit stop on your fingers like thimbles
that you stuff in your mouth
three at a time

we did this for a while this morning
the repetitive lull of it
the tired babysitter of monotony
that I use to secretly slide
into my own thoughts

I have been away for a while
when I notice you have moved on to hiding
small things under the couch

a snap of guilt twitches in my chest
the whip of presence
and then you say
looking out the window

I miss Grandpa

and I realize you were gone too
riding one of the mysterious rivers
that swells and whirls inside you.

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