2012-10-13T17:29:59-07:00October 13th, 2012|Parenthood|

Beyond naptime

I didn’t mean to keep you awake so long
but the nice man offered to fix my car key
and there was a sale on waffle irons
though I didn’t have to spend so long
deciding on scissors
I’ll give you that
it’s just that I used to be so efficient
and with the rain
I thought better get it all done
but I went too far
like the time I overcooked the cake
kept adding flour and sugar
as though I could save it
with optimism
I tried it with you
pretending to eat your foot
but you had already entered that room
of demented fury
I became the enemy
everything I said
was the worst thing
I could say
and I tried to stay cheery at first
to love you out of your rampage
but then I thought of that cake
how it tasted like old doughnuts
how sometimes it’s ok to start over
so I stopped talking then
and you cried some more
but we got home eventually
slid you into sleep
that great eraser
of storms.

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