2012-08-08T14:04:17-07:00August 8th, 2012|Parenthood|

One of each shoe

You will only wear one of each shoe
and long underwear
that is too small
in the summer.

You won’t take my hand
down the stairs
and if I piggy-back you down
we have to start
on the second step
from the top.

And yesterday
you devoured that cashew bar
so I bought a case of them
but today you look at me
as if I suggested
you eat
a park bench.

They call it a phase
staking your independence
but I hope it isn’t that.

May it never end
this unreasonableness
these gusts of fervor
for isn’t it what we all ache for
in those barren moments
when we wonder
when exactly
our passions
faded away.

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