2012-05-31T00:00:07-07:00May 31st, 2012|Parenthood|

The oddness of being bossed around by a toddler

He has entered an insistent phase
but he doesn’t demand candy or toys

today he wanted to nurse
but only if I wore his granny’s straw hat

and he was adamant that I let him put our iphones
and some used Kleenex
in the blender

but still

I wonder what lengths I will go to
to keep him happy

I thought I would be stricter
but I can never see a good reason to say no
to these impassioned
and strange orders

though perhaps it explains
why every so often
I open my eyes very wide
and look up
as though I hear a plane in the sky

there is no plane
nothing but crows
as he runs into my arms
too excited to look
and my face
triumphant at the trick
of this narrow sweet moment.

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