2020-09-04T11:02:20-07:00January 4th, 2012|Parenthood|

Ode to breastfeeding

I think of them as my
magic faucets,
as though one day
I was licking cookie batter
off my finger
and apple juice
poured out.

I was told I would love it
which I do,
but not the way they said.

He doesn’t stare up at me
he looks around
kneading the round flesh
with one hand
like you might do with a pillow
on a couch
while watching TV.

I love it because
they are such a neat trick
I had nothing to do with,
like being double-jointed
or really good at math.

I love it because
he is so big
and he didn’t eat solid food for ages.

I love it because
it will never again
be this easy
to make his pain

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