2011-11-29T23:42:50-08:00November 29th, 2011|Musings on life, Parenthood|

The obvious questions

It strikes me as foolish
not to prepare for the obvious questions:
could a blue whale fit
inside our house.

Whales are big and straightforward
and sex is too, in a way
at least to a four-year-old
but death
his curiosity will surely be woven tightly
with the ache of loss.

And so I have decided
when the time comes
if he is still small
I will stitch the tear in his heart
and lie.

I will take him on my lap
and tell him
that we don’t die
my sweet goose
there simply comes a time
when we must gather our best memories
our most loving thoughts
our tightest hugs
and make a great big ball of this sparkly stuff
and throw it up into the sky
so look up
on the darkest nights
and you will see
all the shiny people
winking down at us
from their shindig in the sky.

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