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You are beginning to escalate

You are beginning to escalate
which is not the same
as growing

I expected your feet to get fat
and your little legs to sprout up
like tent poles

but this is faster

it is as if you are devouring the air
for it too might hold a newness
you must have

the placement of your bellybutton
you’ve been waiting impatiently
to show me
you knew

today you ate raisins
tweezing them in delicately with one hand
holding the door of your mouth closed
with the other
so none of them fell out

you arrived with a jar of tricks,
so many things you do
that nobody taught you

I’ve started making a list
of mysteries
to ask you

does a butterfly miss
being a caterpillar

just in case you grabbed
a few extras
for your jar
on your way

I want to soak
in your blunt wisdom
before it evaporates
into intelligence
like an ocean
as rain.

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