2022-03-10T07:38:40-08:00June 21st, 2011|Parenthood|

Ape mother

There are days when I am magic,
an adventure in motion,
songs about everything
make him laugh.

Today was not
one of those days.

Today I was an ape mother,
only less agile.
It was a day of orifices
into which I hunted and picked and wiped
with beady eyes.

It was a day of administering,
of biological imperative,
of basic needs,
an assembly line
kind of affection.

Now he sleeps,
and even though
I missed the big
while I fussed the small,
I have no time for regret,
for I am too busy planning tomorrow.

You will recognize us
by the two-step we prance
in the aisles of the grocery store
and the defiant sound
of enormous nonsense
and glee.

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