2022-09-19T10:50:28-07:00March 16th, 2011|Parenthood|

One step ahead of the quiz

He looks up at me,
calmly waiting,
trusting that if he is patient
I will unpack
an explanation
of life.

I expected this steely faith
to make me anxious.

I would hoard books from the library on igloos,
how spider webs hold up
against tornadoes,
why we die.

Trying to stay one
step ahead
of the quiz.
But it’s not like that.

The little questions are treasures
we will hunt down with
flashlights and notepads.
As for the big questions,
we will build a fort
each time
in the living room,
a quiet wooly womb
where we will lay down
side by side
and imagine out loud
if we had answers
what they would be.

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