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Samantha’s Daily Poem

August 9, 2011

One day I will write letters

One day I will write letters
to all the people
I have loved
not quite well enough.

I will fill them fast
my pen staying just ahead
of the shyness.

There will be relief
when the packages are all gone
my emotions emptied
like writing a will
the eerie tidiness of attending
to the details
that will abide
when I no longer

August 8, 2011

Your first swim

You swam in the ocean for the first time
your small naked body
somehow stayed warm
while we shivered around you
all of us drunk
on your happiness
you looked up at me
as if to make sure
I was seeing what you were seeing
the rocks and the seaweed
bigger and wigglier
carnival colours
a fairy tale
through the glass
of the sea.

August 7, 2011


My husband found a turtle in the park last week
he put him back in the lake
where he dove down
like a quiet stone.

I wish I had been there
I’ve always loved turtles
fellow introverts
also because they are the opposite
of spiders.

I would have asked it
the same thing I ask of trees
you live so long
in your steady way
what can you tell me about
the spaces in between
the tiny things
the patterns
that I miss.

August 6, 2011

Competition of tragedy

As conversations sometimes go
a competition of tragedy

tongue cancer just last year
left a baby behind
and seven-year-old twins

a construction accident
quadriplegic, married his nurse
she left him and took
the insurance money

I wait
chomping to add my shocker
to the pile
the most ohmygods

Mine was about whisky
and hemorrhaging

At home later
I made cookies without
a recipe
just licking the bowl
until it tasted right
and when they were done
I realized I forgot
the oatmeal.

I wept
and when my husband asked me
I explained
how relieved I felt
to be

August 5, 2011

Ode to Alice Munro

Some writers use pen and paper
others a keyboard
a few romantics still punch away
on an old Remington

not her

she uses a knife
and engraves her stories
into our

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