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Samantha’s Daily Poem

May 12, 2014

Paper crowns

Your teacher is a calm vessel
of hugs and crafts

the kind that when you ask her
every morning

can you help me make a crown

she smiles a real smile
and tells you that sounds
like a fun plan

so even though our house
is now littered with them
like the aftermath
of some royal bender

I can’t bring myself to recycle them
I even tried one on this morning
while I ate my cereal
and I understood it then
the ritual of them
as I sat a little taller
feeling unreasonably good.

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May 11, 2014

Becoming a mother

Having a baby is a choice
but becoming a mother
is something that happens to you

a gradual multiplication of you
a nurse
a teacher
a cop

and then that crazy one

you can’t imagine it
but you would run in
love in your throat
no burning building
could stop you.

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May 10, 2014

The calculator in the cutlery drawer

I put my slippers on
and find a family of plastic people
living inside them
like refugees smuggled
by ship

our house is stuffed
with these kinds
of surprises

the necklace I thought I lost
poking like a snake’s head
out of my filing cabinet

the calculator
in the cutlery drawer
and all of our spoons
in the bookshelf

the village you built this morning while I slept
tents made with the baby’s diapers
post-it notes for a yellow brick road

all of it so careful
I can picture your face
as you assemble these nests
serious and lost
in the tiny world
you are sewing inside of our own

I am going to make
an extra set of keys today
a gift to all of us
for some future day
when I will ask you

did you do something with mama’s keys

and you really won’t remember
only some vague notion
that they weren’t keys at all
but dinosaur bones
or a volcano
some critical piece
of a story
that soared and now
is gone.

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May 3, 2014

Let It Go

The last few evenings
your dad has asked you
to play catch

and we don’t say it out loud
but we know he’s doing it
not because you want
to play catch but because
you don’t

I’ve heard it from other parents
the dresses
the jewelry
the scraping of short hair
into pigtails

it’s probably a phase
and even if it’s not
we’re open
we really are
but there’s no denying

it would be a harder life

which is why
when your dad came in
from a run yesterday
and asked you

hey bud
could you teach me
how to do dress-up

and then last night
when he stayed up learning
the chords to
Let It Go

I sang along
as loud as I could
to that anthem
of little girls everywhere

I don’t care
what they’re going to say
I’m free

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April 27, 2014

The synonym game

We play a game in the car
about synonyms
and I know we are thinking
the same thing

our kid is super bright

until we pull up
at our friends’ house for brunch
and he declares
how funny it is
that so many words
are made
with cinnamon.

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