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Samantha’s Daily Poem

April 14, 2014

The feast

The poem sits inside you
like a hunter
for a weak moment
of indecision
or the lull
of your commute

and that’s when it pounces
clawing its words
into the hem of your lips

for birth is no place for grace

and your friends think it’s serene
this poetry

but they don’t see
its teeth
that if you don’t give it paper
to feast on
your friends will call for you
and find only
a stack
of bones.

April 8, 2014

Where you find the room

You lay there today
and smiled at each of us
in that surprising way
when joy seems to crash out of you

I picked you up
smooth and fleshy as a mango
told them I was going to change your diaper
which I did
but I also wanted a moment
to whisper into your belly

my gratitude
for forgiving all those moments
when I don’t look

and for treating the times that I do
with a generosity so big
I wonder at your little heart
and where you find
the room.

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April 5, 2014

Last day in Hawaii

We watch as the lazy eye of the sun
is erased by the mountain

the air stays warm
and smooth as silk
just like the poets say

the waves slap quietly
like a dog’s tongue
at a water bowl

and you turn to me
your hair sticking up
in a sea water mess

mama I love you
the most of the life
times a thousand moons

and I will my busy brain
to stop everything
and etch this moment
into whatever place is made
for things that need
to live inside me

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April 2, 2014

Ordinary miracle

Another friend
another new baby
this cascade of life
is so common
and yet here I am again
startled by how
the thinness of a moment
can hatch
all that skin
and hope.

April 1, 2014


The night is inky and hot
palm trees dunked in darkness

and it would be quiet
but for the swish of wind
and the periodic slam of rain
except the roosters here
didn’t get the memo
their ragged shrieks
gouging the blackness

I lay in bed
flanked by my sleeping family
feeling an old fear nest in my belly
wondering why a chicken’s yell
has choked my breath

and then realizing
it’s the same way I feel  in the city
as I am woken up
to hooting and howling
whenever a pack of guys drifts past our house
a part of me curious
about their conquest
a part of me wanting to hide

and the rooster scratches
his coarse holler into the sky again

and I think
what an impatient beast

then I pull the sheets up
over our sticky bodies
trying to be brave
like an edgy timid hen.

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