December 30, 2011


You imagine it will dismantle you
to shed the rage

as though it is the supporting beam
the fuel
the thing that pushes back
against the sorrow

but it is not an ally
it is a sack of rocks
you wear as a coat
making you grey
and small

you don’t have to do it publicly
at first

test it on a tree
write it down
say it out loud
under water

but don’t let your hands drag the memories
into another year
like a corpse
you won’t bury

unfurl those fingers
you will see that the pain will not drown you
with your hands empty
you will float.

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Sorry to be so long getting back Lynn, very busy period, which keeps me from getting the blog done! Guess you’ll have to do a bit of persuading of your husband!! Anyway, my blog is essentially dormant, needs help, but think you only have to go to Am hoping to get something going with it before summer rolls around!



Hi Sandra–No I am no WordPress expert (as you can tell I am as “blind” as you are) nor do I know any. I like your avatar too–as for mine I would love to have this little “large and in charge fellow” ( only 6 weeks old and 6 inches high but still “the boss”) but my husband would never allow it. So I have to settle for him as my avatar. Good luck with your blog-let me know where I can find it–love to check it out.


Actually Lynn, I think it is applicable in all circumstances, even the most horrific. If that person really knew better they wouldn’t be doing what they’re doing! At least that’s the way I see it, now. And, I’ve just discovered there are myriad ways to share these poems right under each poem, just posted on Facebook and emailed to myself! Is that a new feature or was I just “blind”!! Ha, ha. Anyway, think I’ll next post on my own blog. Do you happen to know any WordPress blog experts who can help me finally get mine “going”? Love your avatar. And I guess I’d better start using my real name. Cha Cha,


Yes…yes. Have you ever heard this? Wen you see someone acting badly, think ‘that person is trying as hard as he can”? Maybe not applicable in all circumstances…but still. Thanks, Sancy.


Thanks Lynn, was going to do that earlier, but felt there might be a more efficient way. But, this is so good, will use the old copy and paste. Forgiveness is such an important practice we need. Working on it more and more each day. Just let it go.


Hi Sancy-

Don’t know the offical way–I use my snipping tool that came with my computer, snip, and save capture on my desktop. Then I attach it to an email and voila-hit send.


That’s a wonderful story, perfect example of how we’re all one and affect each other. I’m still trying to find out how to share this poem with others, outside of WordPress. Anyone know how, is it allowed?


This poem made me take action and has had a major effect on my life. I had dear dear friend that had to lay me off 3 years ago. He never called me after the layoff, nor I him. A mutual friend would sometimes suggest that we get together–I would always say, “absolutely not”. Then I read this poem, it made me shed a tear, and then I went on with my day. When I was reminded of the “frienemy” by something else later in the day–I decided to reach out. Just a low-investment friend request on Facebook which I reactivated just so I could do this. He responded with a flurry of joyous texts. We got together for dinner and had a wonderful time. There are plans to travel again, and for dinner this weekend. Plus much emailing back and forth. I’m working on getting him a job at my small company–as he got laid off recently=-from the same failing.

Pretty powerful little poem there, Bentlily. If everyone took it to heart, the world would absolutely change. Thanks for this and all you do.


Lovely reminder, this is a desire of mine but so hard to do…..


Yes, you articulate perfectly the challenge. And Yes, don’t you have a way with words? Keep it going!


I pick a word every year (or rather the word picks me) this year my word was forgiveness. Your Forgive poem is a beautiful reminder to let go and brings a wonderful close to 2011.


What a wonderful poem for this time of year. I agree with Julia, I am awed by your words.


I am absolutely awed by your words…I keep reading them over and over again–each time I am left a little fuller.

Bless you,



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