2012-02-19T00:14:36-08:00February 19th, 2012|Relationships|

With apologies to Joni Mitchell

They are making pancakes
for dinner
their son is long asleep
she is singing along to Joni Mitchell

I really don’t know cows at all

it’s clouds
he says.

It is remarkable
this ability she has
to get lyrics wrong

and yet she sings
with such mettle
never misses a beat
integrating his edits

Another night
or frustrated by his work
it might have annoyed him
ever so slightly

why does she guess every song is by BTO

but tonight he tells her she deserves
a 6.5 out of 2

it is the beginning of a night
when nothing will happen
except dishes
a few phone calls
bits of a movie

and this
an unadorned moment
of devotion.

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