2021-10-28T19:14:11-07:00January 18th, 2021|Musings on life|

Salvador Dali’s ghost

I had a dream last night about Salvador Dali,
which was so out of the blue
I felt sure his ghost
had taken a wrong turn
into my head.

But I looked him up for clues,
just in case it hadn’t been
a wrong turn
after all.

I read about his interest
in the creative potential
of paranoia.

I consider it,
but decide it’s not worth it.

I like being dewy.

Though I did read
about the suspicious fire
that almost killed him,
and I thought about his famous painting,
where everything was melted.

So I turn off our baseboard heaters
and I check the stove twice.

That night I dreamed of nothing,
and though I don’t miss his ghost
I hope he heard me
thank him.

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