2021-02-19T17:50:54-08:00December 12th, 2020|Musings on life|

The reason I wear Spanx

As my daughter gets older,
her questions magnify my values.

“What’s wrong with armpit hair?”

“Why do you wear makeup
even on the weekend?”

“Why do you cover up your grey?”

I try to answer,
but my vanity and feminism
and an unexpected righteousness
are knotted together so tight
that I can’t quite tell
which is which.

But today she asked me
why I wear Spanx,
and for some reason,
this one was easy.

I showed her the jump scene
in Dirty Dancing,
and I said,

“That is what it feels like for me
when I wear Spanx,”

then we danced together to the rest
of the song
and if you could have seen us,
laughing so hard,
you would have agreed
we were perfect.

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