2020-11-23T13:45:13-08:00November 17th, 2020|Musings on life|

Donald Trump missed preschool

Oh Donald, now I see
that you must have been away
when they taught
how to lose gracefully
in pre-school.

So I’m asking you
to come sit in the circle
with the other kids now,
thank you, good job,
but you needn’t make
that funny face.

Now, I saw that you tried
really hard to win, Donny.
You did your best,
and it feels sad and embarrassing
and disappointing to lose, I know.

Those aren’t nice feelings
but we’ve all felt them
and stomping your feet
doesn’t make the feelings go away,
it just makes people go away
because nobody likes
a sore loser.

Now I know you feel
that big fire in your tummy
but, Donald, put down,
put down Joey’s toy,
it doesn’t belong to you,
Donald, put it down now.

Okay, my little ones,
we’re going to have snack now
because little Donny
is having a temper tantrum
and if we all just look away,
eventually he will get bored
because the time has come
for him not to have
an audience

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