2020-10-26T13:07:37-07:00October 26th, 2020|Musings on life|

A time to not be adaptable

I drive past the Covid testing tents,
our masks packed in our pockets,
and on the radio the journalist
reads the numbers
as I marvel at how
I am already numb
to the word
shopping the other day
for a prettier mask,
lined up beside other accessories,
and I am proud
of our resilience,
but I just want to make sure
we remember history,
and that there may come a day
when we are asked
to allow a horrible thing
disguised as a hard thing,
and we must not go numb then,
we must not be adaptable,
we must stand up,
and perhaps there will be masks then too,
but they will say on them,
peace and justice
for all.

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